Saurí 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon


Style: Red Mediterranean 

Aging: 14 months in French oak 230 liter barrels

Varietals: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Farming: Organic

Vintage: 2014

Package: 14.5% vol. - 750 ml

No added sulfites

Winemaking: In addition to a hand harvest and vineyard sorting, the clusters were hand selected in the winery, gently destemmed, jack-stems removed by hand and placed in 2 ton stainless steel tanks and 600 litter barrels for fermentation. The fermentation was very long and slow, with a maceration of about 35  days. Later, the drop wines were transferred to 228 litters barrels of French oak of first and second use and aged during 14 months. This  wine was bottled without any clarification or filtration.

Characteristics: This  vineyard, 5 km  from the Mediterranean Sea, grows on a sea floor formed by fragments of shells of bivalve molluscs and gastropods, which, together with calcareous cement, bring to the wine mineral earthy notes with a fresh acidity. This  pure Cabernet Sauvignon, fruit from the Mediterranean sun presents notes of tobacco and smoked wood in the nose, notes of dry raisins, blackberry liqueur and plum marmalade in the mouth.  Velvet and friendly tannins harmonize with notes of cinnamon and forest.

Discovery Story: Absent from the U.S. market for over 10 years, we’re excited to rediscover and share the wines of Melis. The Saurí Cabernet Sauvignon, produced by Melis, is a truly unique offering. Surprise a California-Cab-lover with the harmonious, smooth, and well-integrated oak that can be elaborated when terroir meets careful craftsmanship.