Ribera del Juá

DO Jumilla

Built in 2008, the winery is located in the area known as "Sierra de las Cabras" on the bank of what used to be the old riverbed of the river "Juá". Its more than 2000 meters of building are born from the bowels of the mountain itself, where after a process of clearing, the foundations of the building were settled there, thus preserving the temperatures of the land itself, both in the warm and cold seasons.

Equipped with the most modern technology, the winery has a production capacity of 200,000 kgs. of grapes, all at selection table. Winery by gravity eliminating processes such as reception in hoppers, transport in augers, pumps and long pipes, which inevitably damage the grapes.

In this cellar, something as basic as gravity is used to eliminate the continuous frictions, breakage of grains and skins and unnecessary oxidations. Through its application we have made an important qualitative leap allowing us to produce more natural wines and having obtained the Certificate of craft and ecological winery from the Government of the Murcia region.