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Cuatro Rayas


Since the founding of the winery in 1935, team work has been the cornerstone of the viticultural project, a special link between the winegrower that pampers the grape and the winemaker that produces a wine that showcases the fruit's best characteristics. Currently, Bodega Cuatro Rayas has an oenology department with three outstanding individuals who each love making wine, who belong to three different generations and who exemplify the utmost collaboration among professionals. But especially they all love quality wines. Angel Calleja, who has the cumulative experience of producing wine in the Rueda Denomination of Origin during forty grape harvests, Elena M. Oyagüe, who adds some twenty years of endeavor and dedication to the winery, and Roberto L. Tello, who with barely five years of experience has already proven that the new generations are making an impressive debut.

Calleja, master of masters, has sought to pass down all of his expertise and secrets to these two younger oenologists who have been called to take up the baton and assume the challenge of making wine at one of the most traditional wineries in the DO. Each of them contributes a point of view and a work ethic focused on ensuring that Cuatro Rayas wines continue to produce the delicacies of some of the most demanding national and international consumers. These three generations work hand-in-hand to contribute different points of view on a variety of wines: Verdejos, Tempranillos and Sauvignons; young wines, wines aged on lees, aged in oak barrels, solera aged, fermented in oak barrels or frizzante wines with low alcohol content. The result is an ample array of wines produced with the indispensable participation of all the men and women who make up the Bodega Cuatro Rayas family.